Rapid response - baby Archer couldn't wait for ambulance

Lisa Joy and Archer Joy and Abigail Alderton NTK large

Many mothers-to-be make plans for how and when their child will arrive, but most wouldn’t plan to have their baby on the living room floor.

However, that was what Lisa Joy faced when she went into labour just before midnight one night in July

“The contractions were two minutes apart when I called for the ambulance, but by the time I got through the call, they were speeding up,” she said.
When Abigail Alderton, the Emergency Medical Technician arrived in a rapid response vehicle, she quickly determined that the baby would arrive before the ambulance backup.

Even though this was the first birth she had attended, baby Archer was delivered safely and is now thriving.

Lisa said: “My first baby, Lilia had been induced, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from natural labour, and after the contractions got to every five minutes, it all seemed to happen very fast.
“Still I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have with me at the time in terms of the care, support and kindness."

A few days after the birth, Lisa stopped by the station with some flowers for Abigail, and was lucky enough to catch her on her break.

Abigail, who has worked for EEAST for five years said: “It was a very straightforward birth – but it was very quick,” she said.
“Before I could even establish when backup was coming, Lisa was pushing!”
“It was a lovely surprise to see mother and baby doing well after having seen then the previous week under such different circumstances!”

Published September 30 2019

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