REAP 4 update to staff

Ambulance side shot

Thank you for all you are doing to meet the current increased demand for health services. We are seeing a greater number of more seriously ill patients in emergency departments  and increased demand for 999 and PTS services across the region. This is also reflected across NHS and social care across the whole of our region.

Following this week's review which took place today (Wednesday 28 July), the Trust has taken the decision to remain to REAP 4 given the current demand on our services. 

We want to take a moment to outline the actions we are taking as a result of this decision:

  • Additional support within our control rooms to answer 999 calls.
  • Increasing the use of private ambulance services
  • Requesting support from other agencies – such as colleagues within police and armed forces
  • Further recruitment of frontline staff and PTS
  • Clinical support to our control rooms
  • Clinically trained staff supporting with patient care.
  • Reviewing and pausing meetings along with training.
  • Working with our system partners on hospital handover and patients movement.

We know that many of you are working very hard to meet this demand by signing up for extra overtime and on call shifts. Thank you for doing this.

We are looking at ways in which we can provide additional resources to support your health and wellbeing over the coming days and weeks.

We will provide further updates through Need to Know, the ‘We are EEAST’ executive Q and managers’ briefings.

Please look after yourselves and stay safe.

Dr Tom Davis - Interim CEO

Published 22nd July 2021

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