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Do you know which documents you should be keeping and for how long?

As an organisation we create and receive many pieces of documentation daily, it is important that we know what we should be doing with them once we no longer require them for our day to day work.  The Trust’s retention schedule, which can be located in our Records Management Policy and Procedure, details which documents we need to continue to retain to fulfil our legal, business and regulatory obligations, and for how long we need to retain these.

Documents created and/or received by the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust’s (EEAST) form part of its corporate memory, providing evidence of actions and decisions, and are a vital asset to support our daily work. They also assist with policy formation and managerial decision-making, protect the interests of EEAST and the rights of patients, staff and members of the public.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the documents you are responsible for are retained for the whole of their set retention period and are securely disposed of at the end of this time.  You should familiarise yourself with the retention schedule and how long each of the records you are responsible for should be retained.

 Please note:

  • Only original documents should be retained, duplicates should be disposed of once they are no longer required.
  • All boxes of documents sent to off site archive storage must have a destruction/review date assigned and written on the box. No boxes will be accepted into archive without a destruction date.
  • Archive boxes must be clearly marked with their box number and review date. The contents details must be listed fully on the forms provided by the records management team.
  • Approval will be sought from the relevant director to securely dispose of the documents once the end of the retention period is reached. An extension of the retention period will only be considered in extenuating circumstances.

Should you have any questions regarding your documents or archiving, please contact


Published 22nd May 2019

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