Recycling Bin Rollout


At EEAST we are dedicated to reducing our contribution to landfill waste streams, one of the best ways is to ensure appropriate recycling facilities are in place at all our sites.
Thanks to the feedback of our Green Champions and wider staff network we have now procured 250 recycling bins - the 'Ubin', that will be rolled out estate wide.

These new centralised waste bins will be placed in office and kitchen areas replacing the smaller general waste bins that have previously been used under individual desks. With the aim of increasing recycling rates across the trust we hope these bins will help us facilitate this change. Currently only 28% of EEAST's waste goes into recycling streams and we're looking to increase this significantly over the coming years. 

What goes in the bins?

Mixed Recycling


  • - Coffee cup lids
  • - Paper
  • - Cardboard
  • - Glass bottles
  • - Plastics
  • - Cans


  • - Coffee cups
  • - Food
  • - Hand paper towels
  • - Polystyrene cups

 General Waste




  • - Food
  • - Tissues / napkins
  • - Crisps and sweet wrappers
  • - Teabags and coffee grounds


  • - Clinical waste
  • - Batteries and other electrical goods

Published 8th March 2021