Recycling bins – let’s do our bit


Over the past few weeks the Sustainability Team have been busy delivering new recycling bins to buildings across the Trust.

The new centralised waste bins are being placed in office and kitchen areas to replace the smaller, individual general waste bins which were previously used under individual desks. Posters are displayed above the bins listing what each bin is for, please ensure you have a look at the poster to ensure we are recycling as much rubbish as possible.

Mixed Recycling

Yes: Paper, cardboard, glass bottles, juice cartons, plastics, cans

No: Food, hand paper towels, polystyrene

General Waste

Yes: Food, hand paper towels, polystyrene

No: Clinical waste, batteries and other electrical goods

Cheryl Duke, sustainability coordinator, said ‘We are hoping that out new bins will increase recycling rates across the Trust, as currently only 28% of our total waste goes into a recycling stream. This is just one of the ways we are looking to reduce our single waste streams over the coming years.’

‘So far, we have travelled 480 miles in our all-electric vans (EV) to deliver recycling bins across the estate. Using an EV instead of a petrol or diesel vehicle for these journeys has saved 94,520g of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, this is the equivalent to a Boeing 747 aircraft flying for one hour.’


Published 28 April 2021