Reminder: I Drive files must be migrated


Please remember to migrate your I Drive files to the new server by 29th March. 

  • Everyone should already have the new S drive showing on their device.
  • 'Public' has already been migrated, and the new structure is in place. For some departments, you may already have the correct access and simply need to copy and paste content from the I Drive to the S Drive.
  • Other department leads or users who own folders on the I Drive may need to log a call with the Service Desk. By 'owning' a folder, we mean that you have asked to have the folder created, or you are the lead person in relation to contents of this folder.
  • Once you have logged a call, a member of the technical team will be in touch to talk you through the process of getting your files migrated. Don’t worry, we will guide you through this process, but please be mindful of the time constraints!
  • All requests to have new folders created or access changes on the I Drive will now automatically be passed to the technical team dealing with the file migration.

If in doubt about a folder, please speak to colleagues or log a call with the Service Desk as everything that is needed must be moved before the 29th March deadline. Failure to act in time could result in loss of access to your data.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Published 28th February 2019



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