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Please read this important update on all Windows devices within the Trust upgrading to Windows 10.

Windows 10 is coming soon to all Trust computers.  Please read this important information to avoid data loss.

What is happening and why?
All Windows devices within the Trust, with the exception of ePCR Toughbooks, will be upgraded to Windows 10. This is due to Windows 7 coming to the end of its life and will mean that we can make use of the latest features and applications provided by Microsoft and other providers. Windows 10 will provide stronger protection from the increasing number of cyber security threats and performs better than Windows 7. Hundreds of devices will be replaced or upgraded with additional RAM and Solid-State Drive resulting in a better all-round experience for users.

When will I move to the new version?
Due to the massive scale of work required to deliver this project, the IT team are unable to give an exact timescale of when individual machines will be replaced. The upgrades will be done systematically, but Need to Know will be updated with more information as this progresses. IT will also email updates and, where possible, work with department heads. 

What will happen and will I get a new device?
Your device will be replaced with a different device and your old device either wiped or disposed of, some devices will be replaced as they are too old to run Windows 10, whilst the rest will receive additional RAM and a Solid-State Hard drive to improve performance.

It's very important that if you save any files to your C: drive, this includes your desktop and documents folder as well as any Outlook PST files, you must move these to your N: or S: drive accordingly. The IT team strongly advise that you do this as soon as possible and going forward ensure all your work is saved on either the N or S drive from now on. This has always been best practice as any data or files saved on your own device is not backed up and at risk of being lost. Everything saved on N: and S: network is saved and backed up.  Failure to act will see you lose your data. Full instructions are provided under the user guides section on East24.

Will the version of Windows we use on ePCR Toughbooks change?

There will be no change to ToughBooks at this present time.

Will the version of Windows we use on AOC Control Room devices change?
Yes, after all admin machines have been upgraded, we will upgrade the AOC devices in a controlled, staggered manner, in conjunction with AOC Management.

Will there be help available when I move across?
Yes, instructions will be circulated within your team briefings and you will find more guidance on the EAST24 and via Need to Know. We will also have an engineer on-site to help resolve any issues.

Will I still have Office on my Windows 10 device?
Everyone will have access to the new version of Microsoft Office, but many users who previously had the older version of Office installed on the Desktop will need to use the web version. This will depend on what license has been assigned to your account. Desk-based workers such as Finance, HR, etc will usually have an E5 license which gives access to the installed Office suite from the desktop; whereas other users will generally have an F1 license which means you will log into the Office 365 website to access e-mail and use Office applications. Both E5 and F1 licensed users will have greater and more flexible access to their office suite and documents because they can be accessed across multiple devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Due to the nature of the licenses and the installation of the software, users with an F1 license will need to follow a new process when using a desktop computer to access and work on documents on any shared drives. The process will be shared with you nearer the time.

What can I do to prepare?
Ensure you have moved all data saved on your local drive (C:) to a network drive – please see Backing up your data in preparation for Windows 10 in the guides section of East24, if you are having issues with your current device please report it to the service desk as some issues may carry over to your new device.

Published 14th June 2019

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