Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) mask

JSP mask

Message from Paul Marshall, Assistant Chief Operating Officer.

"Good Afternoon all,

EEAST is introducing an alternative Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) mask. The JSP Force 8 reusable half-face mask will be offered to patient facing staff and each station has been allocated enough masks for all members of staff, once they have passed a fit test and have received practical training on use, maintenance and decontamination. Instructions on don and doffing, cleaning and filters will be given with the mask.

This new mask allows staff another opportunity to pass a fit test with a different product and is offered as an alternative to the disposable, single-use FFP3 mask. The Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) will remain available for members of staff that have not passed a fit test. The Force 8 half mask is not suitable for staff with beards, therefore those staff members will continue to use the Versaflo Powered Hood.

 The JSP Force 8 mask features:

  • A fully adjustable, 4-point cradle suspension harness with quick-release buckles, ensuring an effective fit.
  • Durable thermoplastic rubber for a superior fit to most face shapes.
  • Reflective strips create increased visibility in low light environments for added safety.
  • Finally, the twin cartridge half-mask with Typhoon valve provides superior low breathing resistance. 

Thanks to Jason Ayres (Clinical Procurement Specialist) and the Procurement and Finance departments for managing the process and enabling us to make these available to frontline staff."



Published 15th January 2021