EEAST response to amended lockdown guidance

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Last night (10th May) the Prime Minister outlined a conditional roadmap for the gradual re-opening of the UK economy and wider society.

Part of the speech dealt with enabling workers who had previously not been able to attend work due to the nature of their roles being encouraged to go back to work if their employer was able to make suitable provisions for them to do so. Workers who can work from home should continue to do so and not go into workplaces.

Here at EEAST we have been dynamically risk assessing the situation and individuals in their roles since the pandemic started. We will continue to do this and the Prime Minister’s speech last night does not change our approach. The majority of our staff work in front lines roles and the guidance for these staff has not changed.

Unless advised by your manager the arrangements for your role, whether that be to continue to attend work, work from another location or home remain unchanged.

In summary:

  • If you have been advised to shield by NHSE or through a Trust Risk Assessment you should continue to do so and explore with your manager whether there are work activities you can undertake while doing so.
  • If you have been working at a different location or at home you should continue to do so unless advised otherwise by your line manager.
  • EEAST will continue to review the situation and any changes to current pandemic ways of working will be communicated.

Published 11th May 2020

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