Response to staff feedback on new ambulances

Ambulance side shot

The Trust’s head of operations support has answered some questions about features on the new ambulances, following recent staff feedback.

Some staff reported that they had concerns over the long-term weakness of the steps to the ambulance and the O-ring on the bar which keeps the rear door open, as well as the new Ferno chairs.

Head of Operations Support Paul has reassured staff that they have not received any reported failures of the steps or the O-ring, but will closely monitor the condition of both.

“We have sought technical opinions on both parts and have confirmed they are fit for purpose.

“The step has been tested and meets anti-slip requirements, as well as being structurally robust enough for arduous use.

“We have 196 O-rings in use in patient transport service vehicles and none of these have experienced significant failures. The O-ring is appropriately welded and is suitable for the purpose of maintaining the rear door open to withstand wind pressure. It will only be breakable if the door is forcibly closed with the ring located in notch.

“We have purchased the new Ferno track chair as it moves away from the traditional chair that requires staff to take the full weight of a patient when negotiating stairs. The new chair with fitted tracks enables safer manual handling as the tracks take the weight as they ride across the risers of a stairway, rather than by the crew. There has been a delay in rolling out training on the Ferno track chair, which is being reviewed by operational managers.”

If you have any feedback on the new ambulances or equipment please get in touch with the operations support team.

Published 5th March 2015 

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