New Ops Instructions

Ops Instruction

New Ops Instructions have been uploaded to East 24.

The three instructions provide guidance on Handover Protocol, Vehicles Based Cohorting and being COVID secure in buildings and vehicles.

Operational Instruction 101 (Handover Protocol) has had a minor revision and has now been updated to include specific reference to completion of any IPC related requirements (including decontamination as per latest COVID guidance for Ambulance Trusts - enhanced clean between patients) within the Drop and Go process (Appendix 7).

 A further supplementary Operational Instruction 209 (Vehicle Based Cohorting) has been developed in relation to an extension of cohorting when this is not possible within the acute department (which should be the first option). The need for this will be assessed on a risk based approach by the appropriate tactical commander and requires either Delivery Commander or Strategic Commander authorisation.

A new Operational Instruction 210 has been released to confirm COVID secure procedures in non clinical areas such as buildings and vehicle cabs. This is because of an increasing number of colleagues unable to come to work after testing positive for the virus or having to self-isolate as a precaution. These clear instructions must be followed to keep you, your colleagues and our patients safe. This includes wearing masks in all Trust vehicles unless there is a partition. Drivers must wear masks unless assessed that it impairs their ability to drive safely. Masks must also be worn when 2m social distancing is not possible. This includes entering buildings, moving down corridors and in rooms where it is difficult to socially distance effectively, like kitchens and offices.

We do appreciate your assistance in maintaining these measures given the ongoing position with Coronavirus in our region.

These, along with all other Ops Instructions, can be found at http://east24/service-delivery/ops-instructions-sogs-guidelines.htm

Published 26th December 2020