Digital Risk Assessment Form


You can find the link to the digital risk assessment form and more information, here.

The Trust has been undertaking COVID-19 risk assessments since the beginning of the pandemic and many hundreds of staff have been assessed, in conjunction with their line manager to determine what measures, if any, may be needed to mitigate and identified COVID risk. As the pandemic has evolved so has our understanding of individual risk factors, workplace mitigations and steps to reduce transmission rates.

NHSie have recently directed all NHS organisations to ensure that 100% of their staff have had a COVID19 risk assessment, irrespective of whether they have underlying health conditions or any of the other characteristics that indicate a heightened risk from contracting COVID 19. The Trust fully supports this stance and encourages all staff to undertake this risk assessment, whether you have previously used the paper version or not.

This digital risk self assessment form has been specifically designed for individual staff members to complete and if necessary share the results with their line manager for further discussion and exploration of appropriate mitigations. Staff can request a copy of their completed risk assessments to be emailed to them on completion of the assessment. The assessment is a tool to support keeping all of us safe, staff are encouraged to share the results with their manager and to engage in discussions around what practical steps have or need to be taken for each individual.

The assessment indicates that staff will fall into one of three categories (green, amber or red) and suggests next steps to be followed depending on the result. Risk assessments are scored but it is the category rather than the score which is the determining factor as to the next steps. More detailed guidance is available on NTK.

This new electronic risk self assessment tool has been developed with input from the Trust’s Health and Safety, IPC and Workforce teams as well as input from oh provider Kays and builds on new risk assessment tools developed for the NHS. Risk assessments are stored securely and no personally identifiable information will be reported outside of the Trust. Anonymised data will be used for internal and external reporting processes. Managers will be provided with reports which outline which individuals have completed a risk assessment and which members of staff have scored an amber or red assessment. No details of health conditions, demographic details nor the exact risk assessment score will be part of the reports.


Published 25th August 2020

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