Rollout of Airbox Mosaic to Commanders across EEAST

Airbox mosaic logo

Airbox Mosaic is a situational awareness software tool that the EEAST Resilience Team have been trialling, with positive results, over the past 18 months.

As part of the program development, funding has been secured with NHSX in order to rollout Airbox Mosaic to Commanders across EEAST.

Airbox is already used by the Military, Fire & Rescue and the Police. Other Ambulance Trusts are also now using Airbox Mosaic since EEAST commenced the pilot.

The system can be fully integrated so that information can be shared between agencies in order to support the response. Airbox describe Mosaic as a tool, “designed for frontline and field-based professionals working with or without central co-ordination, the software provides a Common Operating Picture for teams conducting safer, more efficient and accurate operations and tasks.”

Airbox Mosaic has already been used to good effect, not only during an emergency response, but also for pre-planned events, including delivering the operation to move Royal Papworth from the old site to Cambridge Biomedical campus. Information, documents and schematics can be loaded onto the system to support command decisions.

The next stage of the rollout will see devices, with the system installed, allocated to all Strategic and Tactical on-call Commanders. Later in the year, devices will be vehicle based for all LOMs across the region. In addition to planning the project rollout, work is also under way to make a suite of training available to support the system's use. In the meantime, a brief three minute overview of Airbox can be viewed here. 


Published 24th March 2021