Rumour busting...

The Trust has set up a ‘rumour busting’ email address to try and clarify some of the most talked about issues in the service. Here we look at just a few of the latest Q&As…

Q: I've heard a rumour that there will be a new HEOC at Newmarket?  And this possibly will replace the current three HEOCs.  Is there any truth to this?

A: There are no plans to change our existing EOCs at the moment and any rumour about opening a new EOC in Newmarket is not true. As you may be aware we have been undertaking a review of our EOC control rooms and our corporate estate; at the Trust Board on March 28, a decision was taken to pause the work reviewing the long term future of our HQ and EOCs until the summer of 2015. This is to ensure the Trust focuses only on the immediate priorities to create a safe response to all patients before embarking on larger strategic developments. It is also important that all of our staff have a stable and secure environment in which to work.

Q: I am just wondering what is happening to the COMS. Are they now permanently in training school or is this temporary? When will they be informed as to what is happening to them?

A: As you’ll be aware, the Trust is currently undergoing a restructure; the clinical structure, under which the clinical operations manager role sits, has not yet been finalised so unfortunately we can’t answer your question yet. As soon as the structures are finalised we will publish them. At the moment we are using as many of our trainers as possible to help to recruit and train the 400 students we need, run the ECA to tech and tech to para courses, and complete previous student paramedic training. This of course also sits alongside us reducing operational secondments in order not to deplete our ambulance cover.

Q: Are double paramedic crews allowed on overtime?

A: If an ambulance is available and no one else is covering the shift, overtime should not be refused for a double paramedic crew. However, we are trying to achieve the right skill mix on every vehicle, i.e. a paramedic and a technician, or a paramedic and an emergency care assistant. This helps us to work towards our long-term goal of having a paramedic on every vehicle. For example, this means that rather than have two paramedics working overtime on one vehicle and an ECA and EMT working overtime on another, the paramedic crew would be split so there would be one paramedic and EMT crew, and one paramedic and ECA crew.

If you have heard something that you think might not be right, please email and we will respond as soon as we can.

Published 29th April, 2014

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