Save the Date for World Patient Safety Day!

Did you know that World Patient Safety Day (WPSD) is one of eleven official global public health campaigns and was recently established in May 2019?

WPSD is observed on the 17th September each year and an annual campaign is launched on a selected patient safety-related theme. The overall goal of World Patient Safety Day is to improve patient safety at the point of care.

The WHO Patient safety charter, click here to access, puts health worker safety as a priority for patient safety and calls for urgent and sustainable global action.

The goals presented for 2020-2021 are for local adaption by teams working on patient and health worker safety.



To celebrate the WPSD goals, and to promote safety for staff and patients, we will be holding an eventful ‘World Patient Safety Week’, starting 13th September 2021. This is both within EEAST and along with our Ambulance Service colleagues across the country.

To prepare for this week, we are establishing a working group to celebrate the actions we have taken, and are taking, as a Trust to promote staff and patient safety. 

Would you like to be involved?

If you have an interest in any of the WPSD goals, or would like to be involved in WPSD, please contact

Published 14th April 2021.