Situation: Background: Assessment: Response

SBAR infographic

In tough situations, it can be hard to communicate with other people quickly and effectively. It can also be hard to listen to what’s being said if the information isn’t clear.

In ambulances, ATMISTER is used for pre-alerts, and is generally used well. For situations that aren’t an emergency, try using SBAR:

  • Situation
  • Background
  • Assessment
  • Response

SBAR is a great tool to use in stressful situations as it keeps you focused on the key points. It focuses what you're saying, to help you tell the story of what is happening and what you need to happen.

This doesn’t just apply for road staff either, in offices or out and about it can be a great tool to keep yourself on track and get your message across.

Have you used SBAR while at work? The patient safety team want to hear about how people use these tools to help their work on human factors in the Trust.

If you’ve had an experience with SBAR or AMTISTER and want to share it please email


Published 20th November 2019

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