Secure Office 365 email - available now

Secure email

As previously featured in Need to Know and on East24, a new online version of Outlook (our email client) has been rolled out at the Trust.

This journey was just the beginning step in our migration to state-of-the-art email and other improvements to our digital workplace.

The Secure email standard (DCB1596)

The Trust has now received formal accreditation from NHS Digital, confirming we meet the secure email standard. This is to ensure the safe transit and storage of email across Health & Social Care.

What is happening with NHSmail? (

As all Trust staff have now migrated, we will look to discontinue use of NHSmail; instead relying on the sole use of the secure accredited elements built into email within Office365 now, for sharing patient identifiable and sensitive information with accredited organisations.

How do I use the new secure version?

Secure connectors are already in place between our addresses and (NHSmail). This now allows the Trust to use one secure email address when corresponding directly with NHSmail users. ( account holders)

You do not need to do anything, beyond the usual checks to make sure you are sending to the correct recipient(s) and that their email domain (the bit after the @) is on the approved list. Provided this is correct your message will be automatically encrypted by default.

Additional connectors have also been enabled for direct correspondence with the Police and certain Government offices. Connectors for other accredited organisations can also be added, by specific request, at a later date, once they meet the secure email standard themselves.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via

Published 16th January 2020