Selling Trust uniform

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Recently we’ve seen items of Trust uniform and equipment being sold on eBay and in some cases the sellers have been identified as members of staff.  

Please be aware that any item of uniform, even if it relates to our former three trusts (East Anglian, Beds and Herts and Essex Ambulance Services), remains the property of EEAST. It’s therefore not only against Trust policy, but the law as well, to donate, loan or sell any items of uniform or equipment to another person or organisation – and if you do so you are committing theft or possibly fraud.  

We take this matter very seriously because there is a real threat that, if the items fall into the wrong hands, they could be used inappropriately to impersonate a member of staff. This puts our staff and the general public at risk. 

Sale of NHS property is being monitored and we will consider taking criminal and/or disciplinary action against anyone offering sales like this by any means. We are currently liaising with our police colleagues regarding recent recorded incidents.  

If you’ve seen any Trust issued items for sale on any site, not only eBay, it’s important that you report them immediately, giving as much detail as possible  – either to our Local Security Management Specialist Anne Wright at anne.wright@eastamb.nhs.ukor 07768 946414 or to our Local Counter Fraud Specialist, Andy Reeve on 07528970222, or

Updated 1st September, 2015; 17th March, 2016

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