Service Delivery Structure: New terminology

With the new Service Delivery structure comes some new terminology. 

These changes have been introduced to recognise the integration of other services to the Service Delivery structure and new roles within the teams.

Please familiarise yourself with the changes and new terminology below.

If you have any questions please speak to your line manager.



Old terms

New Terms

Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire (NSC), Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (B&H) and  Essex

Regional Ambulance Service. East and West Locality.

Emergency Operations Centres (EOC)

Ambulance operations centres (AOC)  – to recognise the integration of PTS

Senior Locality Manager (SLM)

GM – General Manager

Assistant General Manager (AGM)

This is a new role that is the Assistant to the General Manager and heads up a hub. They are the key contact

Duty Locality Manager (DLO)

LOM – Leading Operations Manager

Control rooms NSC, B&H, Essex

Refer to AOC Norwich, Bedford, Chelmsford

Regional Coordination Centre (RCC)

Tactical Operations Centres

Unit Hours Production (UHP)

Patient Facing Staff Hours (PFSH)

Locality Business Manager (LBM)

Service Delivery Manager (SDM) – PTS

Ambulance Liaison Officer (ALO)

Operations Manager - PTS

Patient Transport Services (PTS) Quality Managers

Performance Managers – PTS

System Transformation Plan (STP) areas

Sector Business Units


Duty Tactical Commander. We now have 1 on duty 24/7/365

Emergency Operations Administrator (EOA)

Locality Administrator.

Senior Specialist Operations Manager

General Manager – Special Operations

Senior Resilience Manager

General Manager – Resilience

Community Collaboration Manager

Community Response Managers


Published 13th November 2018

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