Social media guidance: know the dos and don’ts of using platforms responsibly

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More and more EEAST staff and volunteers are using social media to represent themselves.

Whether you’re using social media in a professional or personal capacity, there are some basics which underpin the point of using these platforms – they have to be used regularly, for the greater good, inform and educate, and share useful content from other people.

On this East24 page, a social media dos and don’ts guide has been uploaded to help answer any questions you might have about your use of social media, and how to avoid making errors of judgement wherever possible.

The same page has a link to the Social Media Policy which goes into the detail of responsible use of social media, especially in considering patient confidentiality, privacy, and other similar matters.

Just hover over the text within the box on the right-hand side to download both PDFs.

Published 8th November, 2017

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