Spit kit used for first time

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Spit kits, which can be used to gather evidence in the event of staff being assaulted, have been used for the first time by a member of EEAST staff.

The incident is still being investigated by the police, but the kits can be used in the event of a member of staff being spat on to capture DNA evidence that can be relied on in court.

Anne Wright, Local Security Management Specialist, who has worked to introduce the kits within the Trust said that the kits were simple and quick to use and, in incidents where there were no other witnesses, can provide important evidence that can help secure a conviction.

“It’s a horrible thing to happen and the Trust will support you in helping secure a conviction and an appropriate sentence.
“So if you’re unfortunate enough to have this happen to you please use the spit kit – every frontline has two. If, for any reason, the kits are missing, contact your LOM immediately who will have spare kits."


Published 8th December 2020