Spit kits

Spit Kit

Spit kits are currently being delivered to every frontline vehicle starting from next week. Each vehicle will have one kit and the LOMs will have spares. 

When an incident of spitting occurs it should be reported on DATIX as per normal but you should also note in the Aggravating Factors Section that the kit has been used.

After the kit has been used and sent for analysis, a replacement should be ordered via the usual means. Please try to keep the handling of the kit (when not being used) to a minimum as it is a forensic product and over-handling could contaminate it. It should be stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature.

The Local Security Management Specialist (LSMS) Anne Wright, will be monitoring the use of spit kits to see if they are effective and checking that the police do take appropriate action. There are bound to be teething problems along the way so any constructive feedback you could give to Anne would be most appreciated. If you don’t tell her, problems can’t be rectified. Equally, please tell her your success stories! Let others know how easy it is to use. 

Following an incident where you have been spat on you should:

  • Contact the AOC (if not done so already) and provide a situation report.
  • Ensure you and your colleagues are safe.
  • Open the DNA spit collection kit and follow the instructions provided in the leaflet.
  • Ensure you have followed the correct first aid procedure for spitting.
  • Wash out any contaminated areas.
  • Change clothing if contaminated.
  • Attend A&E or phone NHS111 if you feel you need further medical advice.
  • The chances of contracting a blood-borne virus from saliva alone are highly unlikely, however, you may have concerns following this incident.  If so, you should contact our occupational health provider or your GP.
  • For further information, see the Infection Prevention and Control Safe Practice Guidelines V6.0 (on East24).

The leaflet in the pack will give you full instructions on how to use the spit collection kit and you should follow these carefully so as not to invalidate any evidence. On the reverse of the leaflet there is a list of all the police stations in the various counties which will accept the specimens.   

Staff are asked to read and familiarise themselves with SOP05 (on East 24) which gives information on the use of the kit.   

For any further information, please contact Anne Wright, LSMS. 

Published 10th August 2020

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