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Further to the recent article on senior paramedic and senior EMT roles, several staff have emailed in with their questions. Here we share some of the most asked questions, and more importantly their answers! 

Q: How will the defined second gateway be determined? I.e what is the maximum spine point of band 6 a senior paramedic will be able to get to? 

A: The second gateway is spine point 28. This is the second from the top of band 6, and the 2014 rate is £32,898. Senior paramedics would progress up the spine points to this point, and be held here. They would be able to progress to the top of band 6 if they completed ECP/CCP training, or became a supervisor. 

Q: What level mentor would I be with the k320 mentor and assessing qualification? 

A: Accredited prior learning (APL) is available for both experience and certification. You would need to apply for the role in order for this to be individually assessed. The uplift in pay is on joining the pathway, so you will be paid the new banding from the date of your application. The pay uplift will likely be delayed due to the high number of applicants, although the Trust has made a commitment that any back pay will be paid in December's pay at the latest. 

Q: Could you please clarify the position of QSAPs for the application of the roles of senior paramedic.  My Module 7 course is not until March 2015.  Can I still apply for this programme? 

A: Yes, you can apply for the role as soon as you are a registered HCPC paramedic. On application you will receive the uplift from your current Annex U percentage to the bottom of band 6 - spine point 21 (£25,783). The uplift in pay is applied from the date of application. 

QSAPs delayed in their progression have been disadvantaged enough, and this is why the one year post registration has been waived for these staff. You will then travel up the spine points each year annually until you reach spine point 28 (£32,898). 

Q: Is there a deadline by which I need to apply? 

A: There is no deadline for this opportunity, it is ongoing and sets a precedent for all staff to progress into these roles now and in the future. 

Q: Also, is the Trust planning on issuing guidance relating to which existing qualification will be deemed relevant to APL? 

A: APL will be looked at individually following application, so please apply and this can be assessed. Due to the many different qualifications and experience staff have, we are looking at all APL individually, and will not be publishing a list. 

If you have a question, please email

Published 19th October 2014 

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