Stars of EEAST Awards - Last Year's Winners

Staff Awards 2018

Last year's winners were...

Trust Award for Care - Duncan Moore

A dedicated clinician of more than 30 years, Duncan was nominated for raising awareness of mental health work and dementia care. Not only has he worked hard with EEAST colleagues to this, but is well known in other emergency services and mental health trusts nationally. His work means we now have dementia ambassadors in EEAST, paving the way for improved understanding and progress.

Trust Award for Teamwork - The EEAST HART team

In March, our HART colleagues mobilised their support for the South West Ambulance Service following the nerve agent incident in Salisbury. At short notice, we had to deploy staff for multiple days at a time in the all whilst still maintaining the required level of cover back here. The scale of the incident meant very little was known about what HART were responding to but the staff cancelled annual leave and rest days to ensure they could provide both a response to Salisbury and a level of cover in EEAST, demonstrating not just teamwork but great care.

Trust Award for Respect - Sandra Blackshaw

Sandra has been a dedicated, honest hard-working colleague for 17 years, and is an integral member of staff. She demonstrates our core values every day, is the first to come forward to support anyone needing help and is a truly a fine example of a respectful colleague.

Trust Award for Honesty - The Safeguarding Team

This team personify how to protect the most vulnerable in our communities by their amazing work and staff support. They encourage staff to speak out for those less able and are advocates both for high standards and for championing those most at risk. They support staff to do the right thing every day, and engage with anyone who can support their impressive track record of protection. A truly amazing and cohesive team effort!

Trust Award for Quality - Terry Hicks

Terry is a driving force in working for, and with, military personnel to drive up the profile of our Armed Forces colleagues and volunteers, and recruit retired Forces personnel to work at EEAST. The Gold Standard Award we received this year is because of the attention and quality Terry has put in. He has forged away on quietly on this particular area, resulting in fantastic reputational gains as well.

Excellence in Clinical Practice - Adam Pitcairn

Adam has taken his learning about ECGs and cardiac conditions to develop and run awareness training for colleagues, including presenting a Professional Update session at the last minute! His calm and professional manner ensures the least experienced person improves their understanding on a subject matter, and in his own learning he will go away and find the solution to his questions.

Excellence in Professional Development - Marcus Bailey

Marcus is in the process of undertaking the Florence Nightingale leadership course, whilst also delivering in his fast paced and highly pressurised role. Marcus is demonstrating clear personal development, embracing all he is learning and using it not only for the good of himself, but also for the benefit of others.

Excellence in Innovation - Oliver Marshall

Oliver created a tool for colleagues in the control room called the 'surge-o-meter' which was borne out of a need to increase the visibility of activity and demand flow, and also identifies trends which are key to informed decision making. This work has been invaluable to colleagues in the pressurised environment to improve responses to patients and support staff out on the road.

Excellence in Leadership - Andrew Gay

Andy has made a huge impact on the Commercial Services call centre, which has become a thriving part of EEAST. Andy supports his colleagues and encourages them to talk, adopting an open-door approach. He encourages all the trust values in his team, and promotes them daily – what a great leader who clearly inspires others.

Excellence in Community Partnership - Trisha Tippett and Danielle Bond

Trisha has galvanised a team in south Essex to run the London Marathon next year for SADs UK, a charity recognised by EEAST. The fundraising efforts so far have included a family day which raised nearly £800, and is aligned with EEAST’s strategic approach to cardiac care and health information, with their efforts helping raise awareness of teaching CPR and life-saving skills within the community.

Danielle’s passion for personal development has combined her commitment to service delivery with community engagement and she is the Norwich EOC CFR point of contact. She regularly gives up her spare time to attend events, and is involved in recruiting and training CFRs for the Norwich CFR desk. The dedication she shows surpasses any expectation of her role with EEAST.

The Keith Marshall Award for Distinguished Service - Sue McAree

Sue has been a co-ordinator of St Osyth & Point Clear Group since September 2002 and for the past nine years acted as the Operational Representative for Essex CFRs. In between that she was also part of the Essex Strategy Group Team. 

Team of the Year - Ambulance Response Programme Go-live Team

Staff from the control rooms and IM&T team worked tirelessly to deliver the testing, support and infrastructure so that we could implement new standards last October. The scale of work meant immense pressure on the people who had to deliver the task. The successful ARP go-live enabled EEAST to continue to respond to patients, and a huge thank you is in order to these individuals for all of their hard work.

Certificate of Merit - Canvey Island First Responders

This year the Canvey Island Community First Responders with EEAST colleague Lee Umpleby opened a training and meeting hub to involve the public in CPR and basic life support, and have committed to working with other community leaders to improve patient outcomes. Last year they attended 1,000 jobs and cover more than 300 voluntary hours per month, and take part in community events such as the island’s carnival.




Published 27th June 2019

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