Stay safe and well: being ‘drink aware’

The end-of-year party season is well underway and whilst it can be tempting to over-indulge, the Health and Wellbeing Hub is highlighting the Drink Aware campaign tips for safe celebrating.

The nature of patient-facing work means many of you will have seen the consequences of when the celebrations and a few drinks doesn’t end well and you know how to be safe, but don’t forget to talk to family and friends about how they can be too.

Check your units

Current NHS guidelines state 'men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units per week and these should be spread over 3 or more days'.


Just one drink can affect your driving ability, so remember not to risk being over the limit. Alcohol affects us all differently and many factors can contribute to how alcohol affects a person (height, weight, age, food consumption, metabolism, medication and so on).  Drivers with as little as 20-50mg of alcohol in their blood are at least three times more likely to die in a crash than those with no alcohol in their blood.

Effects include:

  • slower reactions, judgement and coordination
  • reduced vision and ability to judge speed and distance
  • a false sense of confidence leading to risk taking
  • possible drowsiness.

Feeling ‘sober’ isn’t a reliable guide to knowing whether you can drive or not. Sleeping it off, having a cold shower, drinking coffee do NOT mean the alcohol leaves your body any more quickly: only time gets the alcohol out of your system. The only safe way is to consume zero alcohol.

So, in the words of the HCPC Standards: ‘We all have a duty of care towards others. Be someone YOU can trust. Think before you drink, before you drive, before you work.”

For more information check out:, and

Published 16th December 2018

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