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Step change week OPT1

Last week’s step change week has been hailed as a success by locality directors and the chief executive, following lots of discussions with staff across the region on how working lives can be improved. 

Anthony Marsh said: “Senior locality managers (SLMs) and control room managers spent a lot of time with staff and were really able to talk through a lot of the issues that were affecting them on a daily basis. They will now be taking these forward and resolving them as soon as possible.”

Here are some examples of staff concerns or requests that have been resolved already: 

  • New straps for ePCR Toughbooks have been ordered for staff in Cambridgeshire so they are safe to use in ambulances and response cars. 
  • Frosted glass has been installed in a door in Bury St Edmunds station for crew privacy and two new sofas will be delivered by the end of July. 
  • New rotas have been signed off this week for St Albans, Berkhamsted, Tring and Letchworth with a six-week review scheduled, after staff thought the previous rota did not adequately meet demand. 
  • On a rotational basis, SLMs from Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire will be placed in Bedford EOC to deal with operational issues as they arise, e.g. vehicle breakdowns, welfare issues and hospital issues, following concern from staff. 
  • We will be recruiting to full capacity of staffing levels in our control rooms, with courses starting on 28th July and 4th August and further courses planned throughout the latter part of the year. 
  • A review of the current deployment guidelines is starting tomorrow (25th July), to reduce complexity and improve response to patients. 
  • CCTV is being fitted at Frinton station today (24th July) for staff security following recent visits by an aggressive and abusive neighbour. Police have been unable to pursue reports due to limited evidence so the CCTV will provide this, as well as more security for staff. 
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow seem to have altered its ENT transfer policy which has prevented a number of patient transfers, particularly when a car was suitable, so this is being addressed with the hospital and Clinical Commissioning Group. 

Lots of staff also talked about issues that affect the Trust region-wide, for example the high number of 111 calls that don’t require a blue-light response, over-grading by the AMPDS system, late finishes and working out of area; all of which are being picked up locally and regionally by locality directors and SLMs.

If you have any other issues to raise please email your SLM directly or comment below and we will pass it on.

Published 24th July 2014 

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