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Staff survey 2019

There is still time for you to complete your staff survey, if you have not done so already. You have until the 29th November 2019. 

Many of us are motivated to complain about something more quickly than say how good you feel about your role. If you feel proud to be part of #WeAreEEAST, this is your opportunity to say, so don’t waste it. Equally, you can express if you feel something needs improvement. It only takes a few minutes but your feedback is very important.

The responses to the survey are strictly confidential and are handled by an external organisation, Picker. No-one from the Trust is able to see your survey or identify your individual response.

I’ve received a reminder email, but is it really anonymous?

You have been given a unique identification (ID) number so that your name and work contact details are not on the questionnaire. The Trust does not have access to the questionnaires or to any linked personal data.

Picker use the ID numbers to ensure that reminders are only sent to staff who have not returned a questionnaire. As staff complete questionnaires directly to Picker, not the Trust, there is no way that anyone can link data with a particular ID number or individual.

Results are only reported to the Trust in summary form and in such a way it is impossible to identify an individuals responses.

It is illegal for Picker to give personal data about the views of staff to EEAST; it’s as simple as that. It would break GDPR regulations, and would be in breach of their contractual obligations as an approved contractor.

Reminder: the survey is open until 29th November 2019.

Published 5th November 2019

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