Submitting timesheets by phone

iPhone in a hand

People are trying to submit their timesheets using their mobile phones and unfortunately they are unaware that this has been unsuccessful.  

Please note that when you click on the submit option, a dialogue box comes up on the screen and you should agree to the conditions to complete the submission. To check if the timesheet has been submitted successfully, the first column on your timesheet will go yellow.

If you have any doubts about the submission of your timesheet, please speak to your Local Management Teams/ Line Manager.

If you have not received a payment for your overtime, please speak to your Local Management Teams/ Line Manager in the first instance as Payroll can only pay what has been submitted to them.

 For those on Section 2

For those who are on Section 2, enhancements are based upon the hours that have been submitted on your timesheet. Rostering Services run a monthly report and submit this to Payroll for processing. Therefore, a non-submission/ late submission of a timesheet may result in your enhancements being delayed until the following month.

Any pay queries regarding non-payment of enhancements, please contact Rostering Services,

Published 14th May 2021