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In a new quarterly feature, you can read about what happened at April’s community first responder (CFR) strategic group meeting at Trust headquarters in Melbourn.

Trust staff joined CFR strategic representatives, of which there is one for each county, on 8th April to discuss various subjects, including uniform, inductions and communication.

The group decide on the strategic direction of the CFR scheme and how it can be improved for the benefit of volunteers. An operational CFR group also meets every quarter.

Following feedback from many groups, the long-standing question on uniform was discussed and the resulting wishes to wear a green uniform to be clearly identifiable. Currently CFR groups decide on an individual basis if they want to wear a uniform, as this has to be self-funded. The group decided that wearing epaulettes is the best way to identify CFRs and a guidance document will now be drafted to add to the policy.

Strategic representatives will now be given a 30-minute slot to showcase the work of our volunteers, including car drivers, at each induction and a video will be shown if they cannot attend the induction.

An update was provided on recent CFR press coverage by Media Officer Adam Gretton and contact details of the media officer for each locality was given to strategic representatives. The communications team will be holding another CFR takeover week at the beginning of June, to coincide with National Volunteer Week, to attract new volunteers and highlight the work of our current volunteers.

Full minutes from the meeting will be uploaded to the volunteers section of the website in due course. If you have any suggestion or issues for the group to consider please send your feedback to your group coordinator or the Trust CPM for your area.

The next meeting is 17th June and a summary will be included in Need to Know afterwards.

Published 20th April 2015 

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