Sway Learning - Drug Admin Errors


Following the identification of an increased number of drug administration errors, the patient safety team urges all clinical staff to take note of this presentation.

Through reviewing these incidents, it has been highlighted that these errors often occur when our clinicians are under pressure, with patients in a life-threatening condition.

It is normal human behaviour to become stressed in these situations. What we would like to ask is that we all work on recognising when you or your colleagues are beginning to become stressed, and their performance affected.

We would love to develop a common language to quickly communicate this – let’s use the phrase ‘my bucket is full’ or ask ‘is your bucket full?’

This allows those clinicians on scene to step back out of a tunnel vision situation, take a breath to reset, and then have the ability to respond to the best of their ability.

The presentation here will help develop all of our understanding of normal human behaviours under pressure and also give techniques to combat that.

For more information, please email patientsafety@eastamb.nhs.uk.


Published 29 May 2021