System to book shifts for Clinically qualified staff who don't routinely work in Ops

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As the Trust is currently on REAP level 4 (Extreme Pressure), an instruction is in place for staff to support the front-line operations during busy periods if they are clinically qualified and don’t routinely work in Ops.  


A number of actions need to be taken whilst operating at REAP 4 which assist in improving our response to patients and ensure we provide the best possible care. Further actions are now needed to ensure the Trust can respond to the demand we are experiencing.

One action under REAP 4 asks all Clinical Staff who don’t routinely work in front line operations to return to patient facing duties. We understand that not all clinically qualified staff working in other departments can commit to patient facing duties full time, obviously we need to keep other vital areas of our work moving forwards. However, what we are asking is that you plan your work to include time to respond, preferably working on a DSA. Where this may not be possible then support on an RRV or responding in a Trust car even if for a few hours, will be helpful. 

In addition, our AOC’s are requesting that any staff willing and able to support their Call Handling function and/or Welfare calls, contact them to arrange dates and times to undertake shifts.  

A TEAMS folder has been set up for Clinically Qualified Staff (external to A&E Operations) and wider staff groups willing to assist, which will allow resource planners and command teams to oversee and manage any additional shifts you are able to undertake.  AMBULANCE and AOC Shift Booking Calendar 

 Please follow the Local Operating Procedure set out below to book your shifts.  

Local Operating Procedure 

  • Identify dates and times you are available to undertake patient facing/AOC duties. 
  • Speak to your local AGM / AOC planners(details available in the teams folder) and arrange your shift(s) 
    • If you and a colleague have arranged to undertake a shift together, please contact your local AGM to ensure you are allocated a DSA.  
  • Go to the Ambulance and AOC Shift Booking Calendar   AMBULANCE and AOC Shift Booking Calendar and add your availability into the calendar provided or request that the AGM/Local Resource Planner add the detail for you.  
  • Please ensure you put your name, contact details and clinical level within the calendar entry.  
  • For those of you who do not have a clinical qualification please state your normal role.  
  • When arrangements have been made and a vehicle has been allocated to you or an AOC shift has been agreed, please mark the shift as confirmed in the calendar AMBULANCE and AOC Shift Booking Calendar 

The TOC will monitor the calendars and liaise with the AGMs / AOCs and the Strategic Commanders of the day. Where gaps are identified they may contact you to see if you have any additional availability to assist.