Take 5 to Prepare: MTA and change of JOPs

Take 5 to prepare

The 'Take 5 to Prepare' briefing note for January is here and is all about Marauding Terrorist Attacks (MTA) and change of Joint Operating Principles (JOP).

 Each month the Resilience and Specialist Operations Team produces a short briefing note 'Take 5 to Prepare' which will be aimed at staff from all areas of the Trust. This month (January) the briefing note is Take 5 to Prepare: MTAs and change of JOPs. This can also be downloaded below.

Over the last few years the Government have written and updated their Joint Operating Principles detailing how the emergency services would respond to a marauding terrorist attack (MTA). 

Historically it was only Police Firearms Officers who would operate in the hot zone with Ambulance and Fire protected staff working in the warm zone and non-protected responders working in the cold zone.  However, following reviews of incidents and taking the learning into account it has been decided to change this concept to allow all emergency services, where necessary and appropriate, to operate wherever they are needed, based on a dynamic risk assessment.

Download Take 5 to prepare: MTA and change of JOPs and the Stay Safe Aide Memoire below.


Published 13th January 2021