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Staff from across our Trust with an interest in becoming a future NHS leader are being encouraged to apply to a special training scheme to help them reach their goal.

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme is open to anyone working within the NHS who has a degree – and not just those who graduated recently.

It offers mentoring support and first class training from some of the best minds both inside and outside the NHS, as well as the opportunity to gain a fully-funded postgraduate qualification.

The scheme will help applicants develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to change processes, inform big decisions, make vital savings and improve lives. Ultimately, it can lead onto a senior board-level role.

Six specialisms are available, which are general management, finance, human resources, health analysis, health informatics and policy and strategy management. The scheme takes two years to complete, with the exception of finance, which takes 2.5 years.

Successful applicants will have the terms and conditions of their existing contract protected, which includes salaries, annual leave and pensions.

You can find out more information about scheme, join a live webinar where you can find out more or apply for the scheme through Evolve

The webinar takes place between 11.30am and 12:30pm on 5 November. Applications for the scheme close in December.

Published 26th October 2020

Update on accepting Dip HE Paramedics from Emma Byrom

I’ve heard back from our contact at the NHS Leadership Academy to say this has been raised with the national team and that they are looking into it. Interestingly a paramedic has recently joined their team and has challenged the same thing, not just for paramedics but for all those that don’t have a degree but could still complete the academic work. They are looking into entry requirements for the future cohorts and have thanked EEAST for raising this.

Internal Communication
11 November 2020

Message from Emma Byrom

Hi Heather,

Thanks for getting in touch. There is lots of information / videos available on the website, visit it here - https://graduates.nhs.uk/the-scheme/. There is also information from previous trainees too. If you have any specific questions that aren’t answered, they seem to be active on social media platforms so get in touch.

Internal Communication
05 November 2020

Will this be repeated or available on record for staff who were unable to make this time slot today
05 November 2020

We totally agree Katie, as an Organisation we haven’t always got it right in promoting opportunities to our staff, this is something we are working on and have lots of exciting opportunities for staff both in developing clinically and non-clinically. Keep an eye out for more courses and programmes you may be interested in on Evolve, we will also use Need to Know to promote the opportunities as they arise.
Internal Communication
03 November 2020

As an IHCD paramedic it seems that yet again we have been overlooked and not given the career development we deserve. Whilst I do appreciate this is a external course, It would be good for the trust to invest in the staff who have given many years commitment and service and who don’t want to become stagnant and still have many years service to give.
30 October 2020

Hi Frances, you can apply via Evolve on the link above.
Internal Communications
30 October 2020

Thanks for your messages. This is the national graduate trainee programme and its entry requirements are not set by us. The NHS like most other large organisations offer a graduate trainee programme which is another route for those keen to develop into Leadership roles. For those who haven’t seen the entry requirements, these are located here: https://graduates.nhs.uk/applications/entry-requirements/.

Some DipHE qualifications meet the requirements but I was also surprised that DipHE Paramedic wasn’t mentioned and I have already contacted our local team about this, if you want to drop me an email I’ll get back to you when I hear back.

For those following a more traditional career pathway, our Leadership and Management Development Pathway is rolling out as we speak, with the Management Development Programmes being our first priority. The Manager’s passport and Edward Jenner programmes are both available currently through Evolve and the Introduction to Management and First 90 Days (Manager’s induction) will be launched soon.

Emma Byrom
30 October 2020

Hi, I have just tried to email the address given above but it failed. Is there any other email address to contact regarding this programme as I would be interested. Many Thanks Frances
29 October 2020

Why is a degree a requirement?
29 October 2020

Love that we are offering more training and development for our staff but we need to look at development for our IHCD and Dip HE Paramedics.
29 October 2020

Having been a senior manager and Director of a business I do agree that you do not need a degree to become a good leader. I worked my way up through the ranks by proving myself - the leaders of the future do not always need a degree to prove this and sometimes the best leaders did not do so well in school
29 October 2020

It's important to remember the Trust don't set the requirements, however it would be nice if they could raise our voice and seek change.

I contact the NHS Graduate team re DipHE Paramedics, this was their response:
Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately part of the scheme involves gaining a qualification which is provided by an outside qualifications body. Part of their minimum criteria for all candidates who begin the relevant courses is to have a 2:2 (or higher) in their degree classification. Regrettably this is not something which we are able to make any exceptions with and if a candidate does not meet this minimum eligibility criteria, we are unable to continue with their application.

If a candidate holds qualifications equivalent to a 2:2 or higher then they would be eligible to apply based on the qualification body's minimum requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other issues or queries at all.

Kindest regards,

NHS Graduate Recruitment Team

NHS Leadership Academ

29 October 2020

I am very disappointed that the trust have not added to this statement and completely ignored the bulk of its working paramedics who have DipHE qualifications.

A level 5 qualification if often sufficient to enter post graduate courses - especially in Nursing where the bulk of the NHS applicants are sourced from - yet no mention from the Trust.

Please consider the large number of very committed and capable staff who, effectively, may have the door slammed in their face if recent BSc employees have an early step-up.

27 October 2020

I know this isn't an EEAST thing but why is experience not part of this, a degree doesn't make you a good leader or manager. Can we start an EEAST High Potential scheme to find the leaders of tomorrow - including ones that don't have a degree.

I note that Diploma in Nursing, Midwifery or Health Visiting (Dip HE Nursing) is accepted but no mention of Dip HE Paramedic - could this be feedback to the NHSG team?


27 October 2020

Again i am pleased to see the trust developing their staff but those of us without degrees are forgotten/passed over again. Maybe i'm being told that without a degree i cannot be a good manager.
27 October 2020

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