Late finishes and handover delays: an update from Kevin Brown, Director of Service Delivery

Kevin Brown director of service delivery

This week I would like to share three things with you about winter, supporting you and recognition.

Firstly, I would like to say a special thank you to the team from Huntingdon who supported my family and I this week when we had occasion to call on all three emergency services. The care from every part of the 999 family made me very proud of the work you do every day. Experiencing it first hand was humbling and a great reminder that despite the pressures faced daily, every patient counts and every contact matters. Thank you for being outstanding.

The exec team has been really overwhelmed with the engagement from staff to the recent communications about some of the hot topics. Without doubt though, late finishes are the most pressing topic.

This week I met with a management focus group to look at what we could do differently to tackle late finishes and now we want to come out to you and hear your ideas and share your experiences. We would like to have up to 12 people from around the region join us at a workshop which will be held at Stevenage Ambulance Hub on Thursday, 14th December, from 9.30am. Please let us know by emailing if you would like to join us.

We think it is time to move beyond IX and find a new way forward, which is why we’re asking for your help. Previously, we agreed to pilot in partnership various iterations of intelligent x-ray to improve rest breaks and late finishes. Whilst we recognise that the borders element is topical in the current discussions, IX did not deliver effectively what we had aimed for.

Positively, we are hearing is that with ARP changes, more staff are getting a full and undisturbed break and we want to hear more from you about whether this feels to be the case.  

Many of us who have experienced frontline work know the end of shift green button is a form of roulette and that for as long as you are beholden to what you are given, it is unlikely the solution will be found. We felt that if, for example, we took a principle of Home On Time (HOT) tasking on from a beyond the last hour it may be a new opportunity for solution.  

Once we have had the workshop next week, we will invite UNISON to try and agree a new approach to solutions in partnership because we know how important it is to you to get this sorted.

On Monday (December 11th), we will launch five patient safety intervention teams to deploy to where escalation has failed to release you from handover delays. Our regulators are now very clear with acute Trusts that we will not queue patients on ambulances out of sight and will not routinely cohort patients. If you experience any delays, it is vital you inform your EOC desk so we can get early escalation and support in place, where possible.

Volunteers also took prominence in my week as I presented the very first of our recognition of service badges to a group of committed individuals at public board meeting last week. Our volunteers are an integral part of the Trust and I’m thrilled to be able to mark their dedication in this way.

Finally, I want to say how proud I was to attend an event where the Trust was awarded a Silver certificate of recognition for its support to armed forces volunteers. We have committed to go for Gold, which means those who serve us and also serve our country will see better support in the future.

 Published 7th December, 2017


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