Test, test, test…

LFT Testing

The threat of Covid-19 is still very much present, and experts say it will not be eradicated entirely in the foreseeable future. Even with the vaccination programme continuing apace and rates of coronavirus going down, another wave of Covid-19 is predicted.

This is why testing remains vitally important for all of us and why we strongly encourage you to take part in the lateral flow testing (LFT) trial. You can still contract the virus after you have had your vaccination and, even though the symptoms may be less, you could still spread it to other people.

LFTs can indicate you have the virus before you have symptoms and, given that one in three people are walking around asymptomatic, they are an important tool in helping us combat the spread of Covid-19. Early detection and isolating prevent the spread of Covid-19 and help protect everyone around you – your family, friends, colleagues, and patients.

Getting into a routine of regularly taking LFTs is also going to be beneficial going forward. As the country opens up further from lockdown, many public venues are likely to require LFTs before entry and being proficient of this quick and easy process of taking one will put you at an advantage in the queue.

It also gives you confidence and reassurance and, as they are free of charge and the test and form is quick and easy to do, there are only upsides to taking part in the trial, particularly as it helps Public Health England form a picture of the ‘R’ rate – the reproduction rate – which inputs into the decisions on relaxing measures.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding LFTs or you want to join in the trial then please speak to your local lead who will be able to give you guidance and advice.

Published 29th April 2021