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The culture workstream is part of our Fit for the Future improvement programme. As the name suggests it focusses on improving our culture so that everyone feels able to give their best at work. It is down to all of us to help create the culture we want to see at EEAST.

What do we mean by the word’ culture’?

“Culture is the way that we speak, the way that we write our emails, the way that we respond to each other, verbally and nonverbally. All of that plays into culture.

“I think that there is a perception that culture, something that others do.

It is really important to understand that culture is created by you and me, all of us within an EEAST.”

Hein Scheffer, Executive Director of Culture, Strategy, Culture & Education

This month’s podcast features Hein describing how we will measure improvements in the way that we treat each other through a culture dashboard.


What does the dashboard look like?

We thought it would also be helpful to show what the dashboard looks like as it is a visual representation of the improvements that we are making.

There are two parts. The first looks at five important factors in improving our culture:

  • Engaging our people – the percentage of people responding to the staff survey and Pulse surveys
  • Bullying and harassment – the number of active bullying and harassment cases
  • Reducing employee relations cases
  • Reducing late payments to our people
  • Values and behaviours – as measure through the number of people who have completed values and behaviours training



The second part of the dashboard looks at how well we are delivering on our five values. We measure this through some of the questions that are include in the quarterly Pulse survey:

  • Care - ‘My organisation is proactively supporting my health and well-being’
  • Teamwork – ‘In my team we support each other’
  • Quality – ‘ If a friend or relative needed treatment I would be happy with he standard of care provided’
  • Respect – ‘I am able to make suggestions to improve the work of my team’
  • Honesty – ‘I feel well informed about important changes taking place in my organisation’


How often will it be updated?

The cultural dashboard will be updated and shared with everyone within EEAST following the Pulse surveys which are run in:

  • January
  • April
  • July

(There is no Pulse survey in the autumn as it is replaced by the national staff survey – but we will, of course, be sharing those results with you as well).

So, it is really important that you continue to complete the Pulse surveys so that we can track the impact that changes are having.

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Published 26th September 2022

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