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Back in May our electronic patient care record (ePCR) system was upgraded to Windows 7.

We know there have been a few teething issues since the upgrade went live, and the team have been taking your feedback on board, and investigating what fixes can be made.

Some of the problems you’ve been reporting include:

  • the system freezing
  • screen sensitivity on the Toughbooks themselves, which is currently being investigated by some senior engineers at Panasonic
  • receiving an error message when Siren is unable to connect to the database
  • ongoing problems with the connectivity at hospital sites; DLOs will shortly be provided with some help sheets with some guidance on what to do when crews are struggling to connect.

We appreciate the impact these issues are having on you as users, and are grateful for your patience and persistence. We’re actively working with the suppliers to try and understand the root cause, and more importantly find a resolution that works. In the meantime, please keep talking to us and letting us know what’s working and not working with ePCR in your area.

We are in contract for the current ePCR solution until July next year - until then it is important that we continue to make appropriate changes to the current solution. But, we are in the early stages of the tender process for a replacement solution – and feedback from you has been included within our requirement specification. We’ll also be asking some staff, who use the system every day, to help with the process of choosing the replacement solution. So watch this space!

Published 22nd October, 2015

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