The new One Number: using ECAT for clinical advice, SPOC, and more

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The Clinical Support Desk (CSD), which has been a part of the Emergency Operations Control (EOC) room for several years, has recently seen a significant alteration in its scope and function.

It has evolved to become a reliable function for support and guidance to both clinical and non-clinical staff, and the staff involved now assess a much wider range of calls and scenarios than before.

This evolution of CSD has led to the development of the Emergency Clinical Advice & Triage Centre (ECAT), which now replaces it and works across all three EOC’s, with clinicians in each one. The ECAT clinicians are able to access information and referral pathways through MiDoS, which can be used to effectively manage patients without the need to send a physical response (hear and treat).

The ECAT is also able to provide support to our operational clinicians when they have assessed a patient on scene (see and treat) and require further help or advice, which can add further value to the decision making process around patient pathway and treatment options. This function is done by the Clinical Coordinator Team on the Clinical Advice Line.

To that end, the way the Clinical Advice Line and ECAT answer crew calls is changing from midday today (Thursday, 6th July), meaning you can access clinical advice and SPOC through the existing numbers, or through the One Number 01234 779203.

There will be four options when you make the call:

  • Option 1 – Clinical advice -

Emergency CLINICAL ADVICE – for calls that require immediate clinical advice when a patient is life threatened and will go straight through to a clinical coordinator

Clinical advice – when your patient is not time critical but you’d like some help or support

Discharge of Care –for NQPs and private ambulance service crews to discharge care of a patient.

  •  Option 2 – Alternative Care Pathway advice or SystemOne access (In the future you will have access to patient records on SystemOne through the ECAT, but this is not set up yet and a roll out plan for this will be shared once it is available)
  • Option 3 - SPOC – to go straight through to SPOC
  • Option 4 – Any other enquiries.

Unless you have gone through straight to SPOC, your call will be initially answered by the ECAT Assistant who will help with your enquiry if they can. If they can’t, then your call will be prioritised in a queue for the Clinical Coordinator or ECAT Team Leader team to call you back in a timely manner.

If you have any questions please email

Published 12th July, 2017



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