The top 10 for IPC

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Take a look at our top 10 for infection prevention and control (IPC)!

  1. Remember to wear your personal hand gel at all times when operational and follow the five moments of hand hygiene to reduce the risk of infection. 
  2. Make sure that you are aware of the Trust procedure for managing occupational exposure injuries 
  3. Remember that it is important that you follow the Trust’s uniform policy and you are ‘bare below the elbows’ when performing patient care. If it is necessary for you to wear a wrist watch remember to remove it for hand hygiene and wash it after each episode of patient care 
  4. Remember when you assemble a new sharps container to make sure that the lid is securely fastened and that you fill in the manufacturers label
  5. Make sure you know how and where you can get all the PPE required for your role and that you have it available for every patient that you attend (if required), e.g. gloves, aprons, face shields, surgical masks, FFP3 mask etc. 
  6. Although we do not routinely treat patients in our ambulance stations or response posts, it is important that they are kept clean and tidy. The Trust utilises the services of cleaning contractors to clean all premises, and the specification and cleaning frequencies are displayed on all stations. Although the cleaners attend regularly, the local staff are still responsible for tidying up after themselves to ensure the premises remain clean and tidy
  7. All Trust premises should be kept free from unnecessary clutter and items; this makes them easier to keep clean and ensures that the cleaners are able to clean fully.
  8. Remember that all operational patient carrying vehicles should be decontaminated after every patient journey, daily, and given a service clean every six weeks.
  9. All notices that are displayed on stations should be current and not duplicated unnecessarily, for example all Trust soap, alcohol gel and moisturisers show the technique for decontaminating your hands so additional posters are not required.
  10. Remember if you are unsure of any IPC related issues, there is a copy of the IPC Manual available on all stations or on East24

Any questions? Take a look at our IPC pages on East24.

Published 21st March, 2016


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