Thefts from frontline vehicles


There have been several reported thefts from frontline vehicles over the past few months and these have included personal items belonging to crews. 

No-one wants to return to a vehicle, after a very stressful job, to find their personal bag or Trust issued items have been stolen.

This is a reminder to secure your vehicle when unattended and ensure all doors are closed and locked, even when you are on station. If you have a time critical patient on board, then try to remember to put any bags or other personal items out of sight (and preferably locked away) on the vehicle before you arrive at hospital, and then return to lock the vehicle as soon as possible. 

Never leave items, including uniform, on display in a Trust or any personal vehicle, as this encourages opportunistic theft.

THINK...and you can assist in crime reduction!

Thank you. 

Anne Wright
Accredited Security Management Specialist

Published 21st May 2019

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