This week's joint leadership message: Marcus Bailey and Gary Morgan

Marcus Bailey and Gary Morgan

This week we are doing a joint message to share some news from our areas, alongside some of the joint work we are involved in.

The Ambulance Operation Centre (AOC) term is a relatively new one but acknowledges that our wider team now includes areas such as EOC, ECAT, PTS control, SPOC, Tactical Operations Centre (previously known as the RCC) and Commercial Contact Centre. Community response also sits within this portfolio.

Over the past year we have been focussing on recruitment and as a result over 70 new people joined our teams in six months on the back of a number of initiatives including recruitment days and social media advertising.

"This has resulted in a considerable improvement in the time taken to pick up a 999 call (measured as part of the Ambulance Quality Indicators) with the best 95th centile performance in December, the best for many months."

Alongside this, the Hear and Treat part of our service was third nationally in December following some excellent months during the 2018. This means that patients who don’t need an immediate emergency response are being directed to appropriate pathways which maximises the availability of ambulances for our more serious patients.

"As an example, on one day this week, 9% of patients were successfully managed through Hear and Treat, which illustrates the importance of this as we are in a time of increased pressure on the service."

On that topic, the Trust remains at REAP level 3 which does mean a number of actions are being taken to maintain patient safety through increasing resource levels. This may mean some training will be deferred to a later date, which we know may disappoint, but your local teams will be planning to reschedule these from March onwards. The surge plan was also updated and then further revised last year and we have been working on areas such as MDT message formats but are always happy to take feedback on the content and actions.

We know that a key issue that affects you is late finishes. Over the last week we have been working together on trialling a new approach to the end of shift process in Norfolk and plan on doing a wider trial across the Norwich EOC area next week. We will continue to work on this important piece of work which aims to balance patient safety with staff welfare.

We have also been working on collating feedback in relation to the national code set. This determines what category a call is placed in once coded and our feedback is being taking into the national coding group. This also includes our work on piloting slightly different hear and treat processes for those calls outside category 5.

Everyone who works or volunteers for EEAST has an impact on patient care, either directly or indirectly. So we would like to finish by saying a big thank you to everyone across the Trust, as your hard work allows us to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Marcus and Gary


Published 7th February 2019

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