UK Threat Level and how to stay safe

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As you may have seen the UK Threat Level was reduced on 4 November 2019 from Severe to Substantial. While this is good news, it is important to understand that “substantial” still indicates an attack is likely within the UK.

We know there are individuals and sleeper cells still planning to deliver an attack in line with the ideology of the group they follow. This was shown to be the case on Friday 29 November when Usman Khan started stabbing random people in a frenzied attack; the fact he was wearing what was initially thought to be a suicide vest further highlighted the forethought which he had put into this attack. With this in mind it is important everyone remains alert as we head towards the festive period, especially within crowded places.

Since 2001 the world has been focussing on the threat from Jihadist attackers and the UK has experienced a number of these attacks; including the attacks on the London underground in 2005 and more recently the Manchester Arena Attack and the Marauding Terrorist Attacks (MTA) seen in London in 2017 and November this year.

While the threat from Jihadist attacks is still present there is an increased threat from Extreme Far Right attackers as well. Across the world the number of far-right terrorist incidents has increased by 320% over the past five years (Global Terrorism Index 2019) and the UK news websites provide many examples of these attackers who have been thwarted in their strides. For example, only within the last few weeks the youngest teenager ever to be convicted of such an offence, in the UK, was convicted.

Trust staff can find more information and learning on East24 where, along with other useful information, three national videos can be viewed, these focus on:

  1. The Threat from a Marauding Terrorist Attack (non-protected responders)
  2. Guidance on how to recognise the making of Home Made Explosives
  3. Improvised Explosives

While the threat of an attack within the UK is still present, it is important staff carry on their daily activities without fear, but at the same time don’t forget the importance of station, vehicle and personal security.

More information about how to stay safe during the festive season can be found here, while the national Run Hide Tell video can be viewed below. 



Published 9th December 2019

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