Thursday 17th June - Leadership message from Dr Tom Davis, Interim CEO

Dr Tom Davis

I am going to start this week’s leadership message with your feedback from the latest Pulse survey which took place in May. Just over 800 staff took the time to respond on how they felt about the culture, wellbeing support and career opportunities here at EEAST.

I will start with some small but important improvements which you have reported back. It’s great to see that 71% felt EEAST takes positive action on health & wellbeing, which is almost double the score from January this year. On bullying and harassment, eight out of ten staff said they knew who to speak up or speak out to if they had a concern. We have also seen a decrease in staff reporting bullying from managers and colleagues.

These are still early days in our efforts to get EEAST fit for the future, but we are seeing positive progress. However, as you will see from the Pulse survey summary, there is still more to do in a range of areas, for example career progression. We also need to make sure that these early positive changes continue and are sustained in the long term.

Keeping up momentum on our health and wellbeing support is key given the challenges and pressures we all face day-today. I am pleased that Rob Dimsdale will be joining EEAST this month as our interim wellbeing lead. Rob is hugely experienced in this area, and has led staff health and wellbeing services in other NHS ambulance trusts, hospitals and community organisations. You can read more about Rob, and other updates from the workforce directorate here.

Finally, we had a good response to sending this leadership message out to all staff via email. One suggestion which came back is for staff to send questions by email which the executive can answer at the Thursday WeAreEEAST virtual briefing. We will be starting it this week so please send your questions or comments to the OCE email and you can hear our response at the briefing today at 4pm or catch up with a recording of the session on Mondays.

Thank you and stay safe


Dr Tom Davis
Interim CEO

Published 17th June 2021