Thursday 20th May - Leadership message from Bob Champion, Interim Director of Workforce

Head shot photo of Bob Champion, Interim Director of Workforce

Thanks to your readiness to speak up and speak out, we are well into the first stage of tackling poor behaviour including bullying and sexual harassment. Over 200 of you have spoken to our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian. There have been more than 700 sessions with advice and support provided to managers and staff. Behind this, a huge number of other actions have taken place, but we know there is more to be done.

While figures can tell some of the story, the real measure of progress on cultural change has to come directly from the people working in that culture. That’s why we need to ask how you feel about your working life on a regular basis. Today we are launching our regular quarterly Pulse survey - now with additional questions on bullying and harassment. Please do give us your feedback so we can see how far we have got, and how far there is to go.

As mentioned last week, despite the easing of some lockdown rules this week, there are no changes to our current Working Safer Guidance. We must remain vigilant, especially with the increase in the new variant across the country. All the latest advice can be found here.

Finally, in terms of progress, myself and Carolan Davidge, one of our non-executive directors, are meeting online with around 20 Members of Parliament from across the region on Friday to share our latest people, performance and progress updates. Importantly, we will also hear their views on the service we provide to their constituents and to local parts of the health and care system. I am looking forward to showcasing the dedication of staff here at EEAST, especially during COVID, and will share feedback with you next week.

Thank you and stay safe.

Bob Champion
Interim Director of Workforce

Published 20th May 2021