Thursday 21st October - Leadership message from Juliet Beal, Director of Nursing, Clinical Quality and Improvement

Juliet Beal

Protect yourself and your loved ones

Since August, life has begun to feel more normal than it did following previous lockdowns. It is easy to think that COVID is over, but unfortunately as we all know, that is not the case. We know that cases have increased across the UK and it is imperative that we we all continue to follow the COVID guidelines.

Nearly all of us (95%) in the Trust were double-vaccinated over the last few months – which really is something it be proud of. We now need to ensure we continue to protect our family, friends, patients and colleagues by having both the COVID booster jab and the flu jab. This is just as important for our non-clinical staff as it is for clinical colleagues.

You can book your appointment on Evolve. Of course, you are also able to have your COVID booster elsewhere and, if you have, I would ask that you please complete the Winter Vaccination logging form so that we have a record to confirm that you have had your jab.

We are also aiming for 85% of our people to get the flu jab and are currently looking into how we can make this process easier for staff with mobile clinics for example.  

Don’t forget to complete the staff survey

Thank you to everyone who has completed the staff survey. Just over a quarter of our people (27%) have now completed the survey.

Last year, we reached a completion rate of 47% and this year we would like to see everyone taking part. The survey is open until 26th November, and it’s an opportunity for you tell us what is working well at the Trust and what needs to be improved. Without your input, it’s hard to get a clear picture of how we’re doing and where we need to do more.

Staff awards and long service

Lastly, I wanted to mention the Trust’s staff awards – ‘Stars of EEAST’. I am delighted to say that we received over 150 nominations for colleagues who have gone above and beyond. 

Judging begins next week and the winners will be announced at our online awards ceremony on Thursday 25th November.

This ceremony will not include long service awards. These will be presented in a series of separate, local events in the new year. Long Service Awards are a significant reminder of the loyalty and dedication of many of our colleagues and I believe are worthy of their own event to celebrate the recipients.

This week’s ‘We are EEAST’ Q and A

Lastly, I’d like to remind you about the online staff Q and As which take place every Thursday afternoon at 4pm. We’re developing these sessions so in addition to the general Q&A we’ll also have someone with us who can answer specific questions or give an update on a key theme where we are getting a lot of questions from our people.

This week’s will include a session on the National AfC overtime payments during annual leave agreement (known as ‘Flowers’ payments) with Bob Champion, Interim Director of Workforce, available to answer questions on the agreement. So please join us to find out more.

Take care and stay safe.

Juliet Beal
Director of Nursing, Clinical Quality and Improvement

Published 21st October 2021