Thursday 22nd July - Leadership message from Marcus Bailey, Chief Operating Officer

Marcus Bailey

Thank you for all you are doing to meet the current increased demand for health services. We are seeing a much greater number of more seriously ill patients in emergency departments across the region and right across the NHS. We know that many of you are working very hard to meet this demand by signing up for extra overtime and on call shifts.

As you will know, COVID restrictions across England were lifted for the public. Despite these changes, as NHS staff we must continue to stick to the COVID guidance. I understand that wearing PPE, particularly with the recent high temperatures is uncomfortable, so I also want to thank you for continuing to put the safety of our colleagues and patients first and wearing the correct equipment when required.

As a senior team we are all agree that is important to continue to deliver the ongoing culture change work. This work is starting to make a difference. Over the past month we have seen improvements in the way we handle patient complaints, staff grievances and disputes, but as the recent Ofsted report showed we must go further. Sadly, although the report identified issues trust wide, a small number of staff sent messages to our colleagues in the Newmarket Training School which were unacceptable. We can change this, and we are, but we must all continue to Speak Up if we witness inappropriate behaviour at any level.

Your views are crucial to identifying and improving areas where we need to do more. Please take the time to complete the current Pulse survey, it really does give us a better picture of where we need to focus our efforts.

We know that keeping our patients safe in the face of increased demand can be exhausting. Please look after yourself and your colleagues. We will continue to keep you updated through leadership messages, Need to Know articles, managers’ briefings and guidance on EEAST 24.

Please try and join me at today's WeAreEEAST session to ask questions and share comments or concerns. You can also submit questions ahead by emailing OCE EEAST.

Thank you and stay safe

Marcus Bailey
Chief Operating Officer

Published 22nd July 2021



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