Thursday 29th April - Leadership message from Dr Tom Davis, Interim Chief Executive

Dr Tom Davis

It’s always good to start these updates with a positive - and this week we open with thanks from colleagues from the North West Anglia Trust.

The urgent and emergency care team at the Trust has written to say that without EEAST’s “professionalism, patience and dedication to patient care we could have not managed safely through the pandemic.”

The NWAFT team wanted, they continued, “to give thanks back to EEAST staff...for your incredibly hard work this last year and the complete commitment and support you have given to our staff and the extraordinary care you have delivered for our patients.”

I really appreciated the NWAFT team taking the time to contact us - and delighted to pass this on to you all.

You may be aware that there has been a legal case recently which means some staff may not have been fully paid for overtime payments, especially in relation to holiday pay. We have been working with Unison to resolve this issue. Our aim is to have any amounts owed to staff paid in this September’s payroll at the latest. You can read more detail on this here.

There is a long way to go with improving the culture here at EEAST, but we are making steady progress. You can see the latest update here. We have also produced a short video, below, summarising our activity over the past six months and we continue to monitor your feedback closely to see how this is landing on the ground.

Finally, can I give you a nudge to complete a very short survey on how we do communications and engagement here at EEAST, which includes these updates. You have told us we could do better, so please take a couple of minutes and give us your thoughts and suggestions here.

As always, you are very welcome to join the WeAreEEAST session, today at 16:00, to ask questions and share comments or concerns. Details for this, and all our latest updates, can be found on NeedtoKnow.

Thank you and stay safe

Dr Tom Davis
Interim Chief Executive


Published 29th April 2021