Time to talk: engagement day puts the spotlight on mental health

Mental Health Engagement Day web

Our staff, mental health care experts and other healthcare professionals talked all things mental health last Thursday (16th March) at an engagement day hosted at Melbourn HQ.

More than 70 people from across 15 organisations, including clinical commissioning groups, shared their experience in mental health from a range of services, including the nationally recognised Mental Health Street Triage team in Bedfordshire, and blue light service colleagues from Norfolk Police and EMAS.

The day set out to understand what we currently do to treat those in mental health crises, and how we can all improve those practices in 2017. Topics covered everything from the understanding of mental health legislation to how organisation’s share mental health information and learning with one another.

Experts by experience were also in the room; the group heard from Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn, whose story touched the hearts of the nation when, in 2008, Jonny tried to take his own life on Waterloo Bridge. Neil, a complete stranger at the time, intervened and saved Jonny’s life, and since then both have become champions of health.

Area Clinical Lead Duncan Moore, who organised the event, said: “It was a really successful day, and a great platform for mental health experts to discuss what work is currently being done - and what we can do more of to benefit those in mental health crises.”

Mental health matters. As a Trust, it’s important that we keep it on the agenda and keep talking; read the poignant reflections from colleagues Steve and Phil on their personal experiences.

If you feel you might need some support yourself, or want to talk to someone about what help the Trust can give you, you can contact the wellbeing team on 01234 243092, or email them at wellbeing@eastamb.nhs.uk. The Trust also has an Employee Assistance Programme, which you can call on 0800 085 1376, or visit their website www.well-online.co.uk (Username: EEASTlogin, password: wellbeing).

Published 23rd March, 2017

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