Top security tips to keep you and your colleagues safe

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The security of our staff and property is of the utmost importance.

Please be vigilant when letting people into stations and offices and follow some simple steps:

  • Don’t let anyone tailgate you into a station or office building
  • Always check who is following behind you and challenge – if safe to do so
  • Wear your ID in a prominent position
  • Ensure doors and windows are closed when you leave your station or office
  • Don’t prop front doors (or any access door) open
  • Politely ask visitors why and who they are visiting, check with the relevant Trust department or manager, and ask them to show their company’s ID; please don’t leave them alone in any secure part of the building
  • If you do see anything suspicious, report it to EOC. If there’s an emergency, dial 999, or 101 if there’s no immediate threat. If you spot any suspicious vehicles and/or people showing an unusual amount of interest in any Trust building, please take a photo on your phone if possible and safe to do so, or make a note with as much detail as possible, e.g. take a vehicle registration, make, model and colour, and note any distinguishable features of the driver. Inform someone as soon as possible, and report it on Datix so that all the relevant people are notified. 

It’s important that you trust your instincts – they are usually correct!

For security advice, please contact Anne Wright, our Local Security Management Specialist, by email at

Published 10th June, 2016

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