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Following the attendance by key members of the recruitment and project team to the TRAC head office, training sessions will be provided this month which will enable managers have a hands-on experience of the TRAC Recruitment System. These training sessions will be delivered in a variety of ways. These details have been emailed to recruiting managers, recruitment leads and recruitment specialists.

The go live for the system has been scheduled for the 2nd & 3rd April. This will involve a two day intensive training session for the central EEAST recruitment team on how to use the TRAC Recruitment System. On the first day of the go live, access to the system will be granted to recruiting managers, recruiting leads and recruitment specialists to enable them to review the user guide and video tutorials.

From the 4th April until 30th April, intensive support will be provided by the TRAC Support Team to the recruiting managers, recruitment leads and recruitment specialists on the use of the recruitment system. After this intensive support period, from the 1st May, any further support required will be provided by the Recruitment Coordinators in the central EEAST recruitment team.

  • The recruitment team will have a skeleton staff on the 2 days of go live: 2nd & 3rd April.
  • Any vacancies already in offer stage by the beginning of April will continue to be processed via as usual.
  • No new vacancies will be advertised on between the 25th March and 2nd April, this is to enable us to have real vacancies to work with.
  • Going forward, the majority of vacancies will still be advertised on both, which is the usual way that applicants search for jobs in the NHS, and also simultaneously on TRAC. Any applicants received via the NHS jobs portal will be transferred to TRAC after the closing date for the role.
  • TRAC has a built-in communication system so all emails, letters and text correspondence will be sent and received through the TRAC system. This is to ensure each vacancy and applicant file has a full audit trail.

 Please contact if you have any questions regarding TRAC systems implementation.


Published 12th March 2019

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